Hearing Health and Technology -- Workshop, Project No. P171200 #00135

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Noel Crosby
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Hearing Health and Technology -- Workshop, Project No. P171200
Too whom it may concern, I have been an audiologist for over 30 years and one thing I have learned for sure over those 30 years is that what I do matters. I agree that different delivery service models need to be investigated but I also know that the majority of patients do not know best and should not self treat. The services, education, care, attention, counseling, handholding, treatment, testing, did I say counseling..that I do matters. I am not a " middleman" I am a valuable service provider who spends hours and hours finding out what each patient needs and requires to be successful on their journey to better hearing and I am there to guide them through the process. This will sometimes happen over the course of a few weeks but more often than not, over the course of a few months or years. It's not about the device it's about all that goes into the acceptance of the device. If over the counter hearing aids are going to happen, this needs to be only for those with very mild hearing loss, Lets call it a "starter" hearing aid. Moderate hearing loss should not be part of this equation. We know that our service is valuable and separate from the product the person is purchasing. That is where we have failed with bundling everything together so the patents or others do not know the true cost of the device vs the service. I don't know the answer to the best way to address the lack of willingness by the people with hearing loss to seek help for their loss but I don't think we should rush into allowing moderate hearing loss to be self treated without more information to backup it up. I believe that more research needs to be done before allowing something that could confuse the hearing impaired consumer even more. Thank You Noël Crosby, AuD