Request for Comments "Connected Cars - Workshop, Project No. P175403" #00027

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Damian Kraemer
Geotab Inc.
Outside the United States
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Request for Comments "Connected Cars - Workshop, Project No. P175403"
Comments for FTC Connected Cars Workshop Geotab is a leading provider of Telematics services to commercial vehicle fleets in the USA and around the world. The FTC is charged with consumer protection and promotion of competition. In the commercial space, the connected car is already reality; businesses and governments could not operate without them. It is rapidly becoming the new normal in the consumer space as well. We believe that the following key principles and strategies will best enable competition in connected vehicles while safeguarding the privacy and other interests of vehicle owners and drivers. We have provided some comments and attached a paper for your consideration. We also recommend inviting the authors of the paper to the workshop in June.