Request for Comments "Connected Cars - Workshop, Project No. P175403" #00025

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Craig Spiezle
Online Trust Alliance / Internet Society
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Request for Comments "Connected Cars - Workshop, Project No. P175403"
In response to the call for comments, the Online Trust Alliance, a Internet Society working group and initiative heraby provides the following response. The attached documents include the IoT Trust Framework, outlining key security, privacy and lifecycle principles applicable for any connected device. Of major concern beyond consumers need for consent and notice for data collection and sharing is the issues on transferability of a car (sale or rental) and the associated data. It is OTA's position on sale or termination of a lease or car rental; autos should be reprovisioned deleting all data associated with the previous drivers and/or owners driving history, settings, preferences and driver profile(s). In addition we have included two vision papers outlining the Vision for IoT Trust and the "securing The Internet of Things; A Collaborative and Shared Responsibility. This paper includes car manufacturers, auto dealers and the consumer.