Hearing Health and Technology -- Workshop, Project No. P171200 #00049

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Sandra Walker
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Hearing Health and Technology -- Workshop, Project No. P171200
Both my husband and I (in our mid 60's) have some hearing loss, however, seeing an audiologist to buy $4000.00 hearing aids with so called 'battery plans' is not the way we want to spend our money. Recently it cost my husband$7200.00 after insurance to have laser surgery addressing astigmatism and severe cataracts removed and replaced with lenses that do both near and far sight, which insurance doesn't cover but is the way we see! And he no longer needs to pay $700.00 a year for glasses that were never covered by insurance. Hearing aids are a scam, in our opinion, with these companies and 'specialist's inflicting atrocious prices for a product that does not, in itself, cost that much. We are more than capable of figuring out what we need to hear better the same way I purchase reading glasses OTC. We will not support this sham practice and hope regulators and vested interest specialists will get out of our way trying to 'protect' us and let us buy hearing aids OTC at a reasonable price of less than $1000.00.