Hearing Health and Technology -- Workshop, Project No. P171200 #00048

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Nadine Dehgan
Hearing Health Foundation
New York
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Hearing Health and Technology -- Workshop, Project No. P171200
Hearing Health Foundation's mission is to better the lives of those with hearing loss though research, education and awareness. We firmly believe hearing health care involves a wide range of services, surgery, and technologies (including, but not limited to, traditional hearing aids and cochlear implants). The options for those with hearing loss continue to expand and evolve and may include new lower cost devices and new ways of acquiring them. Each person's hearing needs are unique and depend on factors including their unique history of hearing damage, abilities, lifestyle, economics, personal preferences and health. Untreated hearing loss comes with severe individual and societal costs. Because hearing is a vital sense, it affects the ability to function in a hearing world, employability, health status, social interactions (or socialization), and overall quality of life, action should be taken to help those with hearing loss access the full range of options available to maximize communication abilities and better their lives. We believe hearing technology, treatments and services should be available to all who want or need them. Furthermore, all effort should be expended to remove financial barriers to obtaining hearing health.