Hearing Health and Technology -- Workshop, Project No. P171200 #00015

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David Myers
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Hearing Health and Technology -- Workshop, Project No. P171200
Kudos to the FTC for exploring how best to support Americans with hearing loss. One way to do so, at minimal cost to anyone, would be to mandate telecoils in hearing aids, including PSAPs, and to ask that those be oriented for optimum hearing loop reception. Doing so would support our consumer-led effort to making U.S. assistive listening directly hearing instrument compatible--thus enabling hearing aids and cochlear implants to serve as convenient, customized wireless in-the-ear speakers for the broadcast of PA system sound everywhere. The spread of hearing loops--which include the recent announcements of their installation in BART trains and significant NYC-funded construction projects, as well as several thousand auditoriums and worship places across the US (and all new NYC taxis)--has been wonderful news. Happily, most new hearing aids and all new cochlear implants include the inexpensive little telecoil receptor. Anything the FTC can do to make that a default piece of technology would serve Americans with hearing loss. With my thanks and best wishes, David Myers www.davidmyers.org www.hearingloop.org