In the Matter of Cooperativa de Medicos Oftalmologos de Puerto Rico, File No. 1410194 #00007

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In the Matter of Cooperativa de Medicos Oftalmologos de Puerto Rico, File No. 1410194
Resistance is futile... As a physician I cannot believe that tax dollars I pay fund this type of action against physicians who in the name of self defense-preservation resist against a third party administrator's and their parent health insurance companies' further enrich their coffers at the expense of the unilateral lowering physician rates however the risk of caring for patients remains the same and the costs of mantaining a medical practice increase. At the same time the Government announces increases in medicare-medicaid funds that stay in the coffers of the SAME insurance companies, never an increase in rate proportional fund increase. Big Health Insurance assumes the profits and make physicians assume their losses. When a physician resists and the Health insurance company cannot carry out their will, FTC galdly comes along to punish anyone who does not carry out the bidding of the Sacred Cow, the Big Health Insurance Industry. So Big Health always wins and when they donot the call the FTC to secure the win. Just keep in mind that there is a massive exodus of physicians from this island to your mainland as the only way to protest without fear of government reprisal from the joint actions of the local insurance companies and their enforcer, the FTC. Staying and protesting entails a decision by the FTC and a hefty daily fine. Very unfair. If you protect the people, remember physicians are people too. People who your laws force to fight alone or else..... Although I know you will regard every word written in this note as gibberish..... Nevertheless Respectfully submitted.