In the Matter of Cooperativa de Medicos Oftalmologos de Puerto Rico, File No. 1410194 #00005

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Luis D Silva
Outside the United States
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In the Matter of Cooperativa de Medicos Oftalmologos de Puerto Rico, File No. 1410194
When will Enough be Enough? In an effort to control the uses and abuses of Health Insurance companies in Puerto Rico, the health proffesionals try to survive as nature has provided all living creatures, by grouping themselves in order to prevent the onslaught of individual members when alone. The Health Insurance Industry,with the powers instituted to it by federal law, excluding them from concerted and joint actions against medical providers, have slowly but steadily cornered providers in Puerto Rico by constantly reducing their compensation and unilaterally imposing contract clauses affecting all providers, regardless of line of work. While the FTC , whose duty is to protect the public against groups that attempt to control or fix prices and stimulating healthy trade practices, act against health practitioners, a loophole in the law allows Multibillionaire Corporations to indirectly push to an Abysm precisely the proffesionals that keep the health of those intended to be protected, the general public, especially in Puerto Rico. Tha massive exodus of health professionals from Puerto Rico is, slowly but steadily, creating a humanitarian crisis in the Island. All this with the consent of the FTC, who turns their back to the caregivers and favors , with its policies, the constant and steady stomping of essential providers in healthcare. Health is a right of all human beings and antitrust practices against medical providers attempt against the well being of a nation, while predatory practices by the Health Insurance companies , with the sole purpose of self enrichment is the real threat against the individual citizens. Do not treat the health providers as a mere entity who as a group attempt to abuse the public, their attempt to group is a self defense action against the unjust practices of the Health Insurance companies. Those should be the target of your actions, not the other way around. Puerto Rico doctors, who provide an essential service to its country deserve to be protected by Federal Laws, not punished for the attempt of self preservation, as nature laws instinctively provide. Again, you are aiming at the wrong target. Respectfully submitted.