In the Matter of CarMax, Inc., File No. 1423202 #00395

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John Oda
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In the Matter of CarMax, Inc., File No. 1423202
Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety JAN 17, 2017 The Federal Trade Commission is threatening to allow CarMax and other dealers to advertise that recalled cars with lethal safety defects are "safe" and "repaired for safety," and passed a "rigorous inspection" and qualified to be sold as "certified" -- WITHOUT getting safety recall defects repaired. Defects like: bad brakes, catching on fire, steering loss, axles that break, air bags that spew shrapnel into your face or neck, and seat belts that fail. We're talking about defects that kill and maim people. The agency has to allow the public an opportunity to comment. Consumer and safety organizations are fighting back. If you agree it would be bad to allow false advertising about the safety of recalled cars, please send a quick message to the FTC. Sample message: Do NOT allow CarMax to advertise that cars with unrepaired safety recalls are "safe" and "repaired for safety." People's lives are at stake. Not only car buyers, but also their passengers and others who share the roads. Safe means safe. A car is not safe when it still has unrepaired safety recall defects.