In the Matter of CarMax, Inc., File No. 1423202 #00371

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Jeremy Swanson
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In the Matter of CarMax, Inc., File No. 1423202
For anyone that may oppose the regulation of the limits of false claims CarMax or any other business may make regarding its safety, may your children never have to ride in a car that someone purchased through them. If I'm correct in assuming, one of your primary objectives is to keep false claims in check and protect consumers against such false claims. To regulate to the contrary is to ignore your duty to the consumer public. I, myself, having a mechanical knowledge have been in dealings with CarMax firsthand when my mother wanted to purchase a used car, thinking she had no other options. My responsibility was to assess the vehicle and make sure it was mechanically sound. Aside from the fact that their business model revolves around fleecing someone in the name of extending credit to those with poor credit, which is highly crooked, they also do so at the expense of safety. I can confirm this in that several of the vehicles we test drove and assessed had major mechanical issues, wobbling, poor steering, impending head gasket failures, missing suspension components, etc. Each time, the salesman had assured us these were all "certified" by their mechanics. In the end, I had the duty and responsibility to tell my mother to walk away and explore other car buying options. For one, she would be financing a vehicle for $7,000+ for something that I wouldn't pay more than $500 for but that in good conscience, I couldn't let her get into and drive because I KNEW of the potential dangers of an accident, failure on the road, possibly killing her or others, including children and infants. Just as I had the knowledge, you also have no power in denying any knowledge of what is obviously a serious problem in the system. You have the responsibility to hold CarMax liable for their claims, YOU have to have deaths on your conscience because you are tasked with holding communications to a higher degree and any failure on your part to follow through with this knowledge cannot be shrugged off, you can't pass the buck. There are so many glaring things throughout history that teach us, when one had the knowledge of something, they also had the moral duty to protect others. If any one person dies because of a defective car that CarMax sold as safe to an unsuspecting mother with no knowledge of vehicle mechanics, and you had the opportunity to hold liable CarMax for these claims but did nothing about it, those deaths are your responsibility, no ifs, ands or buts. Do NOT allow CarMax to advertise that cars with unrepaired safety recalls are "safe" and "repaired for safety." People's lives are at stake. Not only car buyers, but also their passengers and others who share the roads. Safe means safe. A car is not safe when it still has unrepaired safety recall defects.