In the Matter of CarMax, Inc., File No. 1423202 #00369

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Jacquie Garcia
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In the Matter of CarMax, Inc., File No. 1423202
I am one of the people who bought a family car from Car Max that passed a "rigorous 130 point inspection" of safety. I confidently put my infant twins in that car and drove around for 2 years thinking we were safe. I had purchased an extended repair agreement at the time I purchased my SUV. I immediately needed to bring the car in for a few repairs. Over two years they had my car a few times for repairs and I was never informed of any safety recalls needed. I also never received any notice from Honda. After 2 years my rear window fell into the interior of the door, broken. I tried to get it repaired at Car Max with my warranty, but they wouldn't see me for 3 weeks. As I could not allow my young children to drive next to an open window every day on our commute, not park my car unsafely, I was told I should visit Honda for the repair, at a fee to me me, of course. Well, it was REALLY worth the fee because when I was at Honda, I was told that there were five major recalls that had been outstanding from prior to my owning it. These recalls included the life-threatening ignition switch, both driver and passenger airbag explosion problems, also potentially life-threatening, among others. I was very relieved to have these fixed at Honda, where they care enough to check for any recalls, every visit, and fix them properly. I am asking that you please think about all the families driving around unaware of the potential threats due to Carmax's lie about their safety checks. Please do not allow this to continue. We are lucky to have been okay, but many others are not. Thank you.