In the Matter of CarMax, Inc., File No. 1423202 #00364

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Ryan Klenke
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In the Matter of CarMax, Inc., File No. 1423202
If you have the car dealership make a simple blanket statement that "This car may be SUBJECT to OPEN RECALLS" you are defeating the purpose of anything you are trying to do. The public needs to have specific information to make a decision it's informed on. If a dealership knows it has a auto that is knows that is subject to recall you should develop a specific form that the consumer signs with the specific information on the recall and instructions on how to resolve. This will increase the awareness of the consumer and decrease the chance that it will not be addressed by the end user. I would not want to cripple a dealership to do business but it is simple check of the VIN to see if at the time of sale there is a OPEN RECALL. The ALL CAPS is to draw attention to the words. NOT YELLING :) Thank you for your time Ryan Klenke