In the Matter of CarMax, Inc., File No. 1423202 #00339

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Patty Ridenour
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In the Matter of CarMax, Inc., File No. 1423202
I cannot believe what I just now read! The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is going to allow CarMax to sell their dangerous, killing machine, unsafe cars to buyers using the PRETENSE, in their advertising, that the CarMax cars that have 'safety recalls' on record, have been repaired, when in fact those automobiles have NOT been repaired!!!! What in the world do we need a Federal Trade Commission for if it is NOT REQUIRED to actually perform its duties responsibly? Are you KIDDING me? This is outrageous. So apparently, what has to happen before this 'decision' can be rectified, is that a beloved family member of some 'high'faluting' d**khead on the FTC has to unknowingly buy an unrepaired car from CarMax and LOSE THEIR LIFE as a result of driving away in that unsafe automobile. Does that make sense to anyone? Just how much are these fools in the FTC being paid to DO NOTHING? They certainly MUST all be former Rethuglican congress members, which are also a group of overpaid d**kheads who never feel any responsibility whatsoever to safeguard this country and its citizens. This unrelenting demonstration of callous disregard for the well being of US citizens has GOT to stop.