In the Matter of CarMax, Inc., File No. 1423202 #00294

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Jerald Boger
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In the Matter of CarMax, Inc., File No. 1423202
To the The federal trade commission, It is your job to establish and enforce laws to protect the American populous. Car max and possibly other auto dealers are putting their customers and the public at risk by not repairing and vehicles they know are unsafe due to brakes, airbags and other defects that have been recalled. These auto dealers that promote vehicles that are on recall and in need of repair are putting the American populous at risk. Vehicles that loss their steering, or brakes can collides into other vehicles, run down pedestrians at cross walks and even crash into buildings killing, maiming people and creating thousands of dollars of property damage. The damage to property and life will cost businesses, insurance companies and the public millions of dollars all because Car max, other dealerships have been manipulating the safety laws. They advertise that their vehicles are safe and even certify ( in writing) that the vehicle has been inspected and are safe to be on the road. Thsee dealerships knowingly misinform their customers putting their customers and the public at risk, all while they profit from endangering all of us. We need you the federal trade commission to in force strict standards on the certification and in force laws that should demand All vehicales recalls are performed before such vehicles get certified or even sold. If the recall is not performed, such vehicles should not even be allowed to be resold to the public. The American public expects the federal trade commission to establish laws and enforce standards in order to protect the American populous from companies who minipulate the facts purposely misleading customers. If you don't, then you have betrayed the American people and the Trade Commission should be abolished . This would endanger American population, yet save tax payers dollars. It's your job to enforce such safety standards and inform Car Max and all dealerships that in order to sell vehicles with recalls they must be repaired. If there is no such laws then you the Trade Commission should establish laws to protect the public from companies that advertised cars are certified as inpected and that such vehicles are safe for public use. If you let this slIde by then what will be next no housing inspections, no standards will be able to be enforced in any industry. You must protect the public from the effect of lies of corrupt companies and the false certifications that will spread through out all industries. The Trade Commission can stop this before it goes to far by demanding some sort of standards by having Car Max and the rest of the auto industry abide by repairing all recalls and establishing some sort of safety standards. This has gone on for way too long costing all of us. Please put and end to this by having Car max perform all recall repairs to all vehicles they have in stock now and in the future.