In the Matter of CarMax, Inc., File No. 1423202 #00273

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Luerra Hammond
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In the Matter of CarMax, Inc., File No. 1423202
Do NOT allow CarMax to advertise that cars with unrepaired safety recalls are "safe" and "repaired for safety." People's lives are at stake. Not only car buyers, but also their passengers and others who share the roads. Safe means safe. A car is not safe when it still has unrepaired safety recall defects. This whole issue is absurd!. What is the purpose of the FTC anyway? Who is out there to protect us? How were these companies able to "settle" claims against them? Cars that are recalled are fixed by the makers for free, right, when their cars "fail" or have issues? Every car that has had a "recall issue" should not be able to be sold by anyone to anyone unless we show show proof that it has been "fixed and made safe". Not even the general public. If that is not a law already, maybe it should be. Seems to me to be a rather simple and logical solution. Big business again, is allowed to screw the people and make more and more profit. No one is responsible for anything. Everyone passes the buck.