In the Matter of CarMax, Inc., File No. 1423202 #00122

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Devin Boyer
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In the Matter of CarMax, Inc., File No. 1423202
Dear Sir or Madam, I have just read that the FTC is considering car resellers the ability to advertise used vehicles as safe when in fact the could possibly have potentially fatal defects. I strongly oppose such a measure and the only way I can word this is by giving a for example. I am the father of a 21 year old daughter, let's assume I want to buy her vehicle as a graduation gift. I look at the vehicle , drive the vehicle and see that the dealer has inspected the vehicle and is confidently offering a warranty. I feel confident I'm purchasing a safe and reliable vehicle. I purchase the vehicle and gift it to my daughter who drives it home and on the way home is tragically killed in an accident. My State Highway Patrol investigates the accident and determines that a fault or recall condition in the vehicle caused the accident. How is this a safe and honest way to sell a vehicle ? Are we to assume Caveat Emptor is responsible for my daughters untimely death ? How Sir or Madam would you feel if that were a loved one needlessly killed in such a manner ? It is in this that I strongly believe that allowing to advertise and sell vehicles with known safety recalls or conditions is completely and absolutely unacceptable. I hope you agree and will not allow this to happen. Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinion and your consideration in this matter.