Request for Comments "Identity Theft Conference, Project No. P175400" #00008

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Tim VanderLinda
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Request for Comments "Identity Theft Conference, Project No. P175400"
Dear FTC Comments: I would like to talk on the "Civil excuse" that authorities use along with those responsible to oversee specific areas of Jurisdiction they should enforce. My situation is total destruction by way of ID Theft and local and State folks discounting severity or worse in regards to my seeking help or mitigate ongoing frauds that have decimated most everything in my life and leave no future and give impression most of the work to date by Government I researched simply has not been the case at all in my plight of fighting ID theft going on three years now. What the reality of losing millions and everything in my life simply is a failure on government and I can honestly say, "all my work has been a waste of time and simply added to the agony of slow destruction the bigger ID theft rings are involved in". How can a consumer or individual get help when his own local police play games with composing reports that after five attempts start to give impression of abuse of power when our State law implies importance and requirements of such reports to help victim recover. A few situations like mine could have been halted had any official or agency actually investigate real facts, discount as some relations issue or almost mock me for Father self employed making hundreds of thousands a year now with nothing seemed to give people incentive not to help and compare me as victim almost deserving of being a target. I find it hard to consider plausible, any individual has encountered more frauds, crimes or scams anyplace in America yet I cant even get action on police report or sent away from games of, "to complex" or "we do not need all the information now" or "we will call if we need something" etc. How can any targeted victim feel confidence in investigations that do not look at real facts or simply call respondents after complaints filed and except verbal response or false written excuses that boarder on madness, considering severity of issues and blatant disregard for rules. My encounter is everything in consumer reporting to investigating has been simply a sham that rips life away and gives hopeless feeling of why bother when mirrored in such a position I find myself in no fault of my own. Because my ex-wife was involved or original culprit along with other family members, I am not taken serious as well as rarity of size and scope may give others the impression of embellished statements yet I sit on mountains of facts and completed discovery that streamlines necessity of effort and frankly cost me three years of life wasted on silly attempts to find one department that actually helps or give confidence on any issue. I am talking the gambit of frauds along with new groups that use other crimes like threats, assaults and isolation as tools to muzzle and destroy person using false slander, accusations, postings and people positioned in power,yet clearly on the fringes of society, all though public persona is opposite of my encounters to date. After hundred plus letters and submitting clear concise facts that leave no other reason and follow clear guidelines on enforcement and rules of law, seem to mean nothing in my case. To make matters worse, when electronic fraud hampers basic Civil Rights to privacy to point protected conversations with council float across the web or blackballing in both legal and business develops to point Due Process or even working is impossible, thing simply are out of hand. When your also harassed and victim targeted by zealots who tell you death is my only way out and going to local store to buy food simply another high stress of induced entrapment to setups trying to depict me negative to continue groups planning of diverting attention on my using legal system or stripping my ability to fund any defensive measure simply a nightmare, not to mention living with constant worry, heartache and pain very few ever will understand. No crime comes close unless one no longer is living. Now what?