Request for Comments "Identity Theft Conference, Project No. P175400" #00005

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Request for Comments "Identity Theft Conference, Project No. P175400"
The use of the SS# should be eliminated and another identifying number be given in place of SS# similar to a work ID number. I have taken so many precautions to safe guard my information only to learn that the federal government breach resulted in my PII ID as well as my family's PII ID being compromised. Also, at my child's doctor office - an employee was selling information (PII) - according to the office that person was incarcerated; however, that does not protect me and my family as our PII was put at risk. Further, I have experienced unredacted PII through the mail (from State and Federal government agencies; in my opinion, those agencies should know the laws and be required to redact the information). The unredacted PII for myself and family puts us in jeopardy of ID theft due to the blatant disregard by the USPS workers handling of the mail. The mail fails to reach recipient (not delivered); the mail is delivered to recipient; however, it has been opened and delivered opened or resealed with tape; the mail has been misdelivered to another address. There is no oversight to rectify the problem -- it has been an ongoing issue for years. I just learned that a child enrolled at my child's school with the same first and last name, and same grade but different middle name, the school already confused the two when contacting me about the child's orientation (my child was a returning student not requiring orientation). I requested the use of my child's middle name to differentiate between the two only to be told by the school counselor that it was not necessary. In this situation, how is my child protected from ID theft? How do I ascertain that my child's school records do not become co-mingled with the other child? (My child is an "A" Honor Roll student). How do I force the school to utilize my child's middle name or other identifying information to distinguish between the two? The issues from breaches that only offer credit monitoring do NOT cover whether someone has filed for welfare with your PII or disability or SS benefits with your PII. Why is this not discussed? How can we monitor those areas of our PII ID? Several investigators informed me of these areas that would not be available through credit monitoring...again, how do we monitor our PII in these areas? I take so many precautions and still my ID PII was breached. How do we protect consumers from agencies and companies that require all our PII and fail to safe guard? The lack of safe guarding via the USPS mail delivery system of such items? Should consumers have recourse when information is breached and/or sent through the mail unredacted and/or not delivered to the appropriate address?