Seminar Addressing SmartTV #00004

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Andreas Glaessner
Outside the United States
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Seminar Addressing SmartTV

Seminar Addressing SmartTV on Dec 7, 2016 Dear Ladies an Gentleman, regarding to your third seminar of the Fall Technology Series addressing SmartTV it seems that you are going to discuss tracking consumers' viewing habits especially under the aspect of advertisement. This, of course, is the most important aspect. But as a lawyer I also would like call your attention to the fact that collecting data about consumers' habits and the use of the product provides much more opportunities and power to manufactures. E. g. warranty information often includes the restriction of “normal, not extensive use”. So, what happens if the manufacture knows because of the collected data that the TV was used 12 hours a day, 7 days a week,…? Doesn’t give this collection of data (including fault memories) more power to manufactures when they are in disputes to consumers, especially as long as consumers don’t have the same access to these data or even don’t know about them? And thinking about all the products that (will) collect data about their owners, this problem doesn’t affect only SmartTVs… Sincerely, Andreas Glaessner