Seminar Addressing Drones #00015

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Chris Bartholomew
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Seminar Addressing Drones
To: FTC Public Forum on UAS/UAV and Drones As an FAA registered private UAS/Drone Hobbiest/Enthusiast I am as anyone else should be concerned with individual privacy! I absolutely believe in operating these emerging technologies in a safe and responsible fashion and protecting individual's reasonable rights to privacy. With that said there are already numerous local, County, State and Federal Laws that protect individual privacy and common sense would say that many of these laws apply to any malicious or illegal privacy invasions with Drones. Legislating any new laws or regulations could be redundant and costly. My main concern is after reading about how in a demonstration hackers hacked into 3 consumer drones taking them over and causing 2 to turn off mid air and come crashing to the ground! As no one would want the car their operating to be hacked and maliciously be taken over possibly resulting in serious injury and or property damage neither would I as a UAV operator want my drone to be hacked and controlled in a malicious/illegal act and or shut down causing it to fall out of the sky causing a serious public safety issue. These UAS technologies can have a profound and positive impact in many aspects to our society! These are great and emerging technologies and surely these responsible UAV/UAS and drone manufacturing companies on the leading edges of private and public UAS technologies can come up with cost effective and redundant safety technologies to prevent malicious hacking of their drones as well as improving overall operating safety! One suggestion for larger commercial drones that I would put fourth for consideration is a parachute system should large commercial drones loose power wether by hacking or system failure and fall from the sky they would deploy a parachute via a redundant system that would be unaffected in a hacking or loss of power situation to bring it to the ground more safely to help avoid serious injury and property damage to the public not to mention this could be a reasonable and justifiable cost addition to more expensive commercial drones so if they do loose power and fall from the sky the parachute would deploy saving more than likely a considerable investment made by the company operating a UAS not to mention giving extra safety to the public. Best Regards, Chris Bartholomew