In the Matter of St. Cloud Medical Group/ Centra Care Health, File No. 1610096 #00004

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Mohamed Yassin
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In the Matter of St. Cloud Medical Group/ Centra Care Health, File No. 1610096
My name may be familiar to some of you during the long process and the depositions/interviews. I am an independent consultant who's practice Existed only by getting referrals/consultations from primary care providers. Up to now I get most of my patients from Saint Cloud Medical Group and other independent providers. This will no longer be the lifeline since IT IS CENTRACARE'S policy not to refer to any speciality outside the centracare unless they do mot have the speciality (The Only one is orthopedics) . Centracare has my speciality and although I had survived in the past 24 years, your decision is the key to close my practice and stop the completion in town or to join Centracare. I do respect your decision since I have no legal background however, I urge you to consider adding that Centracare denounce and immediately stop the current policy of strict referrals only to Centracare consultants. This is not a secret policy but rather published in Centracare Daily dose publication numerous times since 2015 instructing providers to use Centracare consultants. For example, the centracare allergy Immunology physicians (my speciality) first opening to see their own patients is in December and patients are kept waiting till that time instead of directing them to my office where I have opening next week no matter how urgent the condition is. This is not just about myself but I am willing to speak out. I must add, no medical provider knew the period of comment on the subject. I certainly did not know prior to your office phone call on Friday, greatly appreciated Thank you for the consideration, and feel free to call me