Seminar Addressing Drones #00006

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Charles D. Tobin
Holland & Knight, on behalf of News Media Coalition
District of Columbia
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Seminar Addressing Drones
The News Media Coalition, comprising 23 news media organizations, submits this Comment on behalf of the news executives, journalists, viewers, readers and web and social media users in the United States. The News Media Coalition continues to firmly believe that the current statutory and regulatory environment allows for safe UAS newsgathering that furthers the First Amendment interest in the timely receipt of information of public concern and the First Amendment rights of journalists to gather news, while at the same time protects privacy interests. Accordingly, the News Media Coalition strongly urges the FTC to limit its involvement to enforcing privacy policies already adopted by companies, rather than imposing any new privacy regulations on drone use for newsgathering. Regulations that would impinge on the First Amendment rights of journalists would be fraught with constitutional peril. The News Media Coalition respectfully offers the attached Comment to contribute to the FTC's discussion and consideration of privacy issues pertaining to drone use.