Green Guides -- Organic Roundtable, Project No. P954501 #14

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Nora Wade
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Green Guides -- Organic Roundtable, Project No. P954501
I am deeply concerned about the flagrant misuse of the term "organic" in the personal care products industry. The term "organic" should mean the same thing whether applied to personal care products or to food. I am also very troubled that companies that deliberately mislabel their products seem to go unpunished. Consumers look to your organization to help stop companies from misleading the public. To that end, I respectfully request that you include Diana Kaye, co-president of Terressentials, a USDA certified organic personal care products business, at your upcoming Roundtable. She is the expert on consumer perceptions of the word organic in the personal care marketplace and has worked tirelessly to collect evidence of organic misrepresentation of personal care products over twenty-five years of doing business. Thank you very much for considering my opinions on this very important matter. Sincerely, Nora Wade