In the Matter of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Inc., File No. 152-3034 #00018

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Timur Zavidov
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In the Matter of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Inc., File No. 152-3034
I am filing a complaint to prevent further scams or deceived customers by Warner Brothers. I for one do watch PewDiePie channel for entertainment purposes and of course games that look fun on his channel catch my eye. Furthermore, if the person is sponsored, then the company (in this case Warner Brothers) should require a Youtuber to fully disclose that information. Because everything that is sponsored is almost always biased on the grand scale, because many are afraid to lose that sponsor (namely Warner Brothers, here). I also bought this game this week, after watching many big Youtuber videos, including PewDiePie. Though I have not played it yet (through Steam), I am for transparency of the sponsors. Thus, I consider such a huge company like Warner Brothers to be held accountable, and that may prevent them from doing it again. Point being is that I may like the game once I play it, but I do not appreciate any Youtuber not being honest, and in this case Warner Brothers benefiting from the Youtuber's audience with lack of information of being sponsored. For such a huge company like Warner, it's not right, and it should not happen like that. Because if the person does NOT like the game, and then finds that the person is sponsored, he cannot return the said item due to digital content rules of buying a software and activating it. Making refund next to impossible, if you do not like the product. I'm definitely for transparency in Gaming Industry promos that are thrown around many channels that we watch on the daily. Being honest makes it that much easier to filter out any bias and perhaps watch someone else instead to make up your opinion. Best regards.