In the Matter of HeidelbergCement AG and Italcementi S.p.A. #00002

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Julie Ann Racino
Community and Policy Studies
New York
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In the Matter of HeidelbergCement AG and Italcementi S.p.A.
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Monopolies also exist in the federal contracting sectors, and the attorney classes claim not to be involved in federal contractual law at the university and non-profit sectors. Tracing further, the non-profits involved with Medicaid funds, "do not have" federal contracts, and certainly, not public reports. And $49 billion dollars in federal-state funds "do not have" contracting and employment openings or positions as a class. Then I have a national direct service workforce, with still no psychologists (state has licenses and no licenses), no 100 national consortium group (1 of the 100 in Washington, DC - "not PACs"), and then still no visible "health care" on websites. For judicial class, can refer back to policies and practices at public administration, accepted standards, or the regulatory class may be directed to be more prescriptive. It is termed PA and the Law. Just a hello form Julie Ann Racino