FTC Workshop Will Examine Competition and Consumer Protection Issues in the Rooftop Solar Business #00186

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David Rose
Anchor Products
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FTC Workshop Will Examine Competition and Consumer Protection Issues in the Rooftop Solar Business
Commercial Rooftop Solar has continued to advance without consideration of damage, weight and warranty. The placement of balance to avoid penetrations has resulted in excess weight, Glacier Effect, and disintegration of ballast that creates further damage to roofing material which results in leaks and voiding of roof warranties. There is an alternative that has been created to eliminate weight and ballast on rooftops without voiding warranties but pirating and patent infringements at the highest levels of corporate greed have interfered with the progress of this disruptive and innovative product that has been on the market for the last five years. On another note the power and lobbying efforts of utilities across the nation has resulted in the fighting of PURPA and Net Metering in order to relieve the Utilities of their responsibility under the law to serve and pay their customers. the lack of Utility Infrastructure is what motivates the solar industry in the first place. The gains that the utilities make against net Metering only damage a growing industry that has helped millions of people create insulation against ever increasing utility costs and miscellaneous charges. The consumer is the ultimate loser in a Game that they have no control in and the Public Utility Commissions across the nation are giving in to the power and guile of the utilities.Our nation is still in peril due to the greed and power that the Utilities wield because they are working to destroy an industry that was built upon a foundation of fighting the ever diminishing ability of Utilities to provide clean renewable power without taking the very incentives available to the Solar Integrator s that work daily to use the advantage that PURPA and Net Metering give to the common man. The two items mentioned in this comment are of grave concern and they will either be recognized as important or be suppressed by the power of the Utilities. I have been working in the Solar Industry since 2003 and have seen the strength and power of utilities across the nation use their money and lobbying efforts to destroy public solar progress and they are gaining daily. Positive programs in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico have been thwarted by Utility power and influence by presenting falsified information and convincing the public that past Solar Programs aren't working or are a detriment to the Grid. The utilities continue to spread this information and get support from the very people they are fooling and when it is too late they realize that their rates continue to rise and they have no alternative but to pay rather than enjoy the benefits of investment in self generated power through solar. The only way that this kind of opposition to solar programs established under PURPA and Net Metering is to separate the control of these solar programs from the utilities and have them be controlled by the PUC's or another independent entities that will protect the interests of the consumer rather than the Utilities.