FTC Workshop Will Examine Competition and Consumer Protection Issues in the Rooftop Solar Business #00184

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Tom Nardi
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FTC Workshop Will Examine Competition and Consumer Protection Issues in the Rooftop Solar Business
I had Solar city install panels last April. In short they lied about everything. I signed what they called a ppa. I was never told that means you pay for what you produce not what you use. I now pay more for solar than I ever did to any utility. I am an expert now, but then I was uninformed and trusted solar city. It is my FIRM belief that no- one who has bill less than $200 a month would save a dime. I know I do not, yet solar city will panel your roof if you bill is $50 if they think they can make a buck. The truth is they over panel your roof, you pay for the generation and you only use half of it. The excess which they promise you that you can sell back to your utility is pure rubbish. Yes you can do it. In my case I pay .15 to produce it and get back .04 for overproduction. Its boarders on criminal what solar city tell you. No wait it is criminal with all the lies about how your utility rates will gop up by 10% a yer and other scare tactics. After the fact I learned that my utility averaged 2.7% over teh last 10 years. Guess what Solar city has a 2.9% esculator built into their payment model. Of couse they NEVER mentioned this. I can go on and on about all the other lies, but will only give you one more. Your house will double in value. Another 100% lie. Your house will be worth 25% less. The reason is who would buy your house when it was paneled for you use. Lets say house A with 5 kids had a $250 a month bill and went solar. They now ant to sell. Couple B wants a second home and is use to about $75 a month bill. Do they want to assume this Solar payment for 20 years. Couple B also only uses the house 4X a year. Guess what the bill comes every moth weather you are there or not. The same holds true for a non vacation home. This house as realtors report will never sell, yet solar city says your house will double. It is my firm belief that less than 5% of the peple who have solar from solar city save money and the ones that do don't know how to figure out the long term rate of return. Its crime and it must be stopped. Tom Nardi 707 838 1820