FTC Requests Public Comment on ProMedica Health System's Application to Approve Divestiture of former Rival St. Luke's Hospital #00005

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FTC Requests Public Comment on ProMedica Health System's Application to Approve Divestiture of former Rival St. Luke's Hospital
As Mayor of the City of Maumee, Ohio I believe that the qualifications, experience, intellect and commitment of the St. Luke's Hospital Board of Trustees is of the very highest caliber; the employees of St. Luke's Hospital and the residents of the City of Maumee are very fortunate to have had these individuals there to protect our interests. Having sat in on a number of meetings of the Board as they addressed the divestiture, it was obvious that they were acting fully independent of ProMedica and that their sole concern was the viability of St. Luke's Hospital such that the employees would have job security and want to remain with the hospital, and that the hospital would continue to be financially sound. These two concerns ultimately addressed the concerns of the residents of our city as this is our only hospital, a major taxpayer, and an important part of many civic activities. The Trustees were very thorough during this entire process, received legal counsel that was most competent and experienced, listened to and questioned the advice provided, and never made decisions until they were satisfied that they had been provided all the information necessary to make an informed decision. As an attorney for 33 years, I can unequivocally state that the questions presented by the Trustees demonstrated a perception, knowledge, and astuteness more impressive than any I have ever observed. This resulted from the diversity of the Board having medical, legal and highly successful business people on the Board. A viable, independent hospital that will continue to be a major employer in our City is so important to Maumee today and for our future. I believe this was achieved by the agreement I was provided to review and from the observations I made at meetings of the Board. The continuation of Dan Wakeman as the CEO will also assure the commitment of St. Luke's to its employees and to being a very active civic partner in many of Maumee's activities. While ProMedica is a very strong provider of services, made many improvements to St. Luke's, and brought a greater degree of long-term stability, the divestiture being ordered necessitated change. The agreement reached results in that change being such that I believe it is good for the employees of St. Luke's and good for our residents.