Seminar Addressing Drones #00002

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Patrick Finnie
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Seminar Addressing Drones
My property, that is the property that I pay taxes on, is private. There may be things that I do there which I deem as nobody else's business. In our state it is unlawful for law enforcement to overfly private property unless a warrant has been issued which specifically details what and why the fly over is requested, but a private individual may fly over and take pictures and post them on his Face Book page any time he wants with out even asking my permission. Am I the only one that has a problem with that? I can't believe it! I believe that somewhere in the guarantee of "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" there is an unspoken expectation of the right of privacy on your property and in your home. These things make that expectation questionable, at best. I would hope that any responsible attempt to regulate these intrusive creations would address these probabilities by making it mandatory that permission be granted by the affected landowner before a flyover is conducted by anybody for any reason. Yes I am aware that I can snoop into anybody's back yard via Google Earth. That is not the same, and anybody that claims so is a blithering idiot. What you see on Google is old news looking straight down from 60 miles(?) up, not live, from 5-50 feet up into my living room or bedroom. If I catch one over my property with a camera, taking unpermitted pictures, well I've been a skeet shooter for over 30 years and I'm really good ! Most Sincerely, Patrick Finnie