Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposed Collection; Comment Request; FTC File No. P154800 #00012

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Nikki Prohaska
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Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposed Collection; Comment Request; FTC File No. P154800
Auto Buyer Consumer Survey, Project No. P154800 I am writing in regards to my experience this weekend 2/12/16-2/13/16 at Naples Nissan on 3640 Pine Ridge Rd, Naples, FL 34109. On Friday, 2/12, I heard on ad on the radio that caught my attention stating if you have a 580 credit score or higher you qualify for a new Rogue for $299/month, $0 down, and 0% interest for 72 months. The recorded ad is attached to this comment. During my work day I heard the ad twice more and listened closely in case I was missing something. He asked if I wanted to do the credit application first to be pre-approved. So I did and he took it to be reviewed and came back and said I had been approved and was good to go. So we went to the lot, I selected my car, we took it for a test drive, and I fell in love with it knowing I was approved. We came back inside and he went back to the office, came back, and suddenly I was no longer qualified! My two dispute points were that the ad explicitly stated the deal and the requirements, and that I had been approved for it upon arrival. The validation given to me for the ad was that with a 580 credit score or higher, you are qualified to buy the car, but not necessarily for the deal. My credit score is much higher than the minimum 580 and I have excellent payment history. I left that evening after being told they would speak with the owner in the morning. The next morning they called and said the owner okay-ed $334/month without a penny more for 75 months including all costs and fees. I drove over an hour back to the dealership to be told upon arrival that once again we were good to go and the pricing was in writing. After a short wait I went into the finance office to be told once again that I'm not qualified for that pricing! I went back and forth with them for well over an hour before declaring I was not leaving there without that car for that price and heading up the authority chain as far as I could manage. Eventually they did honor that agreement, but not before I made a scene. Suddenly, everyone wanted to apologize. The original finance director was sorry for the misunderstanding, the finance manager was "just doing his job", the assistant gm was so sorry for the miscommunication. I was polite but firm the entire time (with a few tears of frustration), so when the assistant gm apologized, I graciously accepted and said I just wanted to let her know if case she didn't that the ad was pretty rough given the situation that just occurred. Her response was that hopefully it would stop running soon. I am happy with my car, and satisfied with the deal I got, but the situation was incredibly deceitful, unjust, and stressful. I have never tried to haggle or complain about a price, but this situation was unbelievable. I have attached both the recorded ad and further details to this comment.