In the Matter of General Motors LLC, File Number 152-3101 #00030

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Robert Hoff
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In the Matter of General Motors LLC, File Number 152-3101
As someone who was born in Detroit, and who lives and works in that area, I know that Michiganders tend to have a greater identification with the automotive industry than folks living elsewhere. In many ways a sense of identity is tied to the car manufacturers and dealers, and the vehicles themselves. Accordingly, when quality and safety are concerned, we look for the highest standard to be maintained. Safety recalls are an unfortunate necessity, because perfection is beyond our grasp; moreover, when safety is on the line, no owner should be ignoring recall notices. Fails to have recalls addressed is reckless. The agency must remain strong, and deal with those who would mislead consumers as to recall status harshly. A requirement should be imposed to force those in the automotive sales industry to have all safety recalls addressed before selling a used vehicle, just like a me one. There is no excuse for knowingly selling an unsafe car or truck. If the industry is falling short here, it is acting unconscionably, and should not be permitted to undermine the hard work and pride of the men and women of Metro Detroit, whose identities are so tied to the quality and safety of America's vehicles. Thank you for ensuring that profit motives do not overshadow safety. Respectfully, Robert Hoff