FTC to Host Public Workshop Examining the U.S. Auto Distribution System Workshop Will Explore Competition, State Regulations, and Emerging Trends in the Industry, Project No. P131202 #115

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Peter Hendelman
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FTC to Host Public Workshop Examining the U.S. Auto Distribution System Workshop Will Explore Competition, State Regulations, and Emerging Trends in the Industry, Project No. P131202
As a concerned citizen and owner of a Tesla Model S I am very disturbed by the stonewalling of States to allow Tesla to sell their vehicles directly to the consumer. In some of the States the currently allow Tesla to be sold directly they are limiting the stores allowed by Tesla. It is only hurting the consumer for as a resident of CT I was unable to purchase my car in the State so I went to NY. Still CT was paid the sales tax, registration fees and the personal property tax while I and many others have had to be inconvenienced by purchasing out of State. Our State has even gone so far as to offer a $3,500 tax credit on an electric car but limited it to a cost of $60,000 cutting out Tesla owners. This is exactly what the dealerships want as does the car manufacturers even though they don't offer a competitive product. Our President states that global warming is our greatest enemy yet Democratic States seem to poss the most problems for Tesla. As an individual that believes in free trade and competition why hasn't the FTC stepped in on behalf of the American people. Apple sells direct and also though retailers and it doesn't seem to hurt anyone. Yet the dealers, with net worth of in excess of $1 Billion Dollars are afraid that Tesla will put them out of business. That said they are very happy to sell Tesla for it is an excellent vehicle. As an individual that always purchased my cars though a dealer, Porsche for over 30 years, but when I had a problem the dealer forced me to take legal action to enact CT's Lemon Law and even after they had to replace the car they wanted all types of stipulations on my use prior to delivery. Our country has been formed on the basis of free enterprise and look what our innovative entrepreneurs have come up with since 1970. 1. Deregulation of the Telephone Industry which has lead to the Internet, wireless phones, computers, lap tops, text messaging. This has changed the entire way we do business today and if the FCC didn't split ATT up and MCI wasn't born the greatest discovery before 1970 was the princess phone. Look at cars today. They attach to the Internet, give you GPS navigation (developed by the US Government), ABS brakes, Auto Pilot (in the Tesla), Speed control, Crash avoidance technology and many other wonderful technologies that keep us safe. Tesla isn't going to put the auto dealerships out of business but like Lexus did in the 80's its going to change the way the consumer shops and is treated. I am very pleased that the FTC is finally taking notice on what is going on between Tesla, the States, and the Auto Dealerships for we will all benefit by the advances that Tesla makes by the technology being implemented in all of our vehicles. Elon Musk has even offered his patents at no charge to the Auto Manufacturers. More importantly ask yourself the question: Why hasn't the Auto Manufacturers developed a car that would get in excess of 200 miles per charge? Why haven't these Billion Dollar companies set up a "CHARGING NETWORK NATIONALLY"? Simple answer is they aren't committed to alternative green energy and they certainly have the resources and manpower to do so but have chosen to stand in the way of progress. Maybe that's why our tax payers have had to bail them out. Its about time that we the consumers are able to benefit from new technology which has been held back from us. More importantly by 2018 Tesla will be able to mass produce electric cars that everyone can afford and this was supported by people like myself who care about our country and environment. I sincerely hope that the FTC takes the proper steps to force States to do the right thing for the consumer and the country. I would be happy to make myself available to the committee for additional comments of testimony. Peter R. Hendelman [REDACTED]