Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposed Collection; Comment Request; FTC File No. P154800 #00008

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John Mandola
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Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposed Collection; Comment Request; FTC File No. P154800
Greetings Being of sound mind and body I affirm that all information submitted herein is based upon personal knowledge and believe the foregoing to be true to the best of my knowledge and request and claim that all the information contained herein is of a privileged matter because I am presently in litigation with Nissan corporation. I purchased a brand new Nissan Frontier for the purpose of towing in regards to my position in a Not for Profit as Development Officer and I believed that I would use this vehicle for disaster relief from Super Storm Sandy. I traded in a perfectly good 2012 Nissan Sentra Special Edition. I realize now that Car Salesman have one point of view they are told to sell cars. Salesman rely on the auto makers explanation of their vehicles as it is displayed in their books, manuals, brochures ad campaigns, internet and any other media used to both inform train and sell cars to the public and in keeping with a written warranty. I now know that car salesman will tell u just about anything to sell u a car and if as in my case a representative from Nissan was present in the sales area. In this case the Nissan Rep approved special equipment to close the deal even though he knew or should have known that the vehicle would not perform in keeping with a heavy Duty Tow hitch. Salesman should be held responsible if they do not tell consumers the actual facts about vehicles. The scheme of asking a customer how much they want to spend instead of the actual price can be confusing. If the salesman gets away with that he can lower the price of the trade in even though making it seem as though the trade in is a good price. These practices from the big car companies should be stopped especially foreign corporations having a warranty backed by the United States Government. Then when you do have a problem they are unable to rectify you become an unhappy customer. I think you should look into these newe car sales ntraining methods thank you