Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposed Collection; Comment Request; FTC File No. P144504 #36

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Kelly Miloski
Riverhead Community Awareness Program
New York
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Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposed Collection; Comment Request; FTC File No. P144504
Electronic Cigarettes: Paperwork Comment, FTC File No. P144504 Participation of electronic cigarette marketers in this study is necessary in order to identify what tactics the companies are using to promote their products. Since electronic cigarettes emerged in 2007, there has been concern that these products may be a danger to the health of individuals. Although it is promising that youth tobacco use rates are down, we have seen a huge increase in youth electronic cigarette rates over the past five years. Because these numbers are increasing, we need to do our best effort as a nation to study the marketing strategies and consequences that these strategies may have on the health and well-being of individuals. It is important to identify if electronic cigarette marketers are using the same tactics to target and attract youth that tobacco marketers have used. Although we do not know all of the health impacts of electronic cigarettes, we do know that many of them contain nicotine and that there is no safe level of nicotine exposure for youth. Research has shown that nicotine may harm brain development during adolescence. As more studies are done, it is possible that we may find out other negative health consequences of using electronic cigarettes. The studies conducted on electronic cigarette marketers may reveal that they are purposely trying to get new customers and existing customers hooked to their product, which ultimately may harm the customer's well-being. The studies should indicate whether or not the product has nicotine. Nicotine should be categorized into three levels: (1) No Nicotine; (2) Low Nicotine Level; and (3) High Nicotine Level. This may help to identify if the marketers have different strategies for selling their products with nicotine and which products are most popular among youth. Information requests to marketers of electronic cigarettes is crucial in order to identify further information about this emerging product and the consequences it may have on individuals, including the youth of our nation. Thank you for your time.