FTC To Host Workshop on Cross-Device Tracking Nov. 16 #00063

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Sylvia Peacock
York University
Outside the United States
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FTC To Host Workshop on Cross-Device Tracking Nov. 16
Dear Madam / Sir, Please consider a regulatory approach that severely limits corporate web tracking across devices. Firstly, these devices are private property and usually any third party use of private property needs the explicit consent of the property owner (an explicit opt-in). Secondly, citizens' consent for the process of web tracking has never been secured. Regulatory inactivity towards corporate web tracking for their own private gain without citizens' consent is highly undemocratic. Thirdly, citizens need to know where their personal data is stored, what personal data points exist, how their personal data is used, when their data will be deleted, and whom to ask to delete their personal data. None of this due diligence is enabled -- quite on the contrary: the storage and use of citizens' personal data is a complete enigma, a corporate black box. Current web tracking across devices increases stealthy and undemocratic corporate behavior, decreases citizens' data sovereignty and disenfranchises the public significantly. In short, the FTC must limit corporate web tracking across devices to limit stealth marketing. I am calling on the FTC to extend current sponsorship disclosure laws to include digital technologies. The stark choice to make is an improvement versus a degradation of our public sphere -- not just in the U.S. because web tracking is locally unlimited.