FTC To Host Workshop on Cross-Device Tracking Nov. 16 #00062

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Myles Lewis
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FTC To Host Workshop on Cross-Device Tracking Nov. 16
Dear FTC, I find that Cross Device Tracking and its associated technologies to be a disturbing invasion of my personal privacy. Even while I write this comment, websites that I have in other browser windows on this computer are attempting to send signals. Unfortunately, they are at such a frequency that my stereo cannot process them, and it shuts down each time. In attempting to solve the issue of frequencies being transmitted by my computer, and other 'smart' devices, to track my usage in various ways, I found no way to prevent this from happening. There is no opt-out, there is no overt warning of this action happening or that it will happen when you use an app or visit a website. While these may be frequencies that I cannot actively hear, can you provide me with data that PROVES that these "harmless" and silent frequencies are doing no more than transmitting my private, personal data against my will to unknown parties? Can you provide with assurances that these frequencies emitted with my private data are also not intended to potentially modify behavior as it relates to my device usage? Aside from potentially damaging my stereo equipment with frequencies it cannot process played against my wishes, what is this doing to my brain? I can assure you one thing it does is reduce my capability to use and enjoy my devices. Tracking my device usage is already a questionable violation of my rights of privacy as a citizen in this country. Doing so without my knowledge, not informing me of what you are tracking and where it goes and what is done with it, AND not providing me any ability to prevent or stop it, IS an ABSOLUTE violation of my privacy, and potentially health and well-being. I feel it is urgent, even as a person who can appreciate the the concept of CDT, that the FTC evaluate and regulate this set of technologies for the better good of users so that our privacy isn't thrown to the digital wind. There is nothing wrong with advertising, but this is taking it a bit far... Thank you for your time and consideration.