FTC to Host September Workshop in Washington, DC, to Examine Advertising for Over-the-Counter Homeopathic Products #00531

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Amanya Jacobs
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FTC to Host September Workshop in Washington, DC, to Examine Advertising for Over-the-Counter Homeopathic Products
Dear FTC professionals, My husband and I have used homeopathic remedies for over 21 years, as our primary tool in the care of our health. They have been of immense value in supporting good health, thereby enabling us to have fuller, more productive, and more enjoyable lives. We have found the homeopathic remedies to be both safe and effective. Additionally, they are remarkably affordable. We are grateful that they are widely available. We know many people who take homeopathic remedies and who have found them to be invaluable in their lives as well. Lots of Americans have awakened to the fact that homeopathic remedies can be very beneficial. I have the privilege of functioning as a director of an international school of homeopathy. Many people of varied professional backgrounds study homeopathy in this school (homeopaths, medical doctors, osteopaths, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, Oriental medicine and acupuncture providers, lawyers, teachers, etc.) The teachings of the founder of modern homeopathy (Samuel Hahnemann) are emphasized. In his book, the Organon, Hahnemann clearly indicates that disharmony in the body, mind, or emotions originates at the spiritual level and can only be treated at that level. He explains that only homeopathic remedies can address the spiritual disturbance. I invite you to consider that homeopathic remedies are diluted multiple times. After a certain number of dilutions (a 12C potency) the solution is considered to have not one molecule of the original substance remaining. An analysis of ingredients would reveal a simple sugar pill. The spiritual level is invisible, and so is the power to heal in the sugar pill called a homeopathic remedy. This is why homeopathic remedies are both potent in healing, and extremely safe. The correct use of homeopathic remedies is a spiritual healing, more like what a "witch doctor" would perform rather than a medical doctor. Homeopathic remedies prepared in the classical way described by Hahnemann are the only ones I am referencing in this letter. These are single remedies, meaning they are made with only 1 substance, using time-honored methods of serial dilution. There are other products on the market that claim to be homeopathic remedies: using non-classical methods in manufacturing; combining more than 1 homeopathic remedy in the same product; adding herbs. These products are not homeopathic and cannot be considered spiritual treatments. Under the constitutional separation of church and state, homeopathic remedies prepared correctly (as described above) and their proper use as spiritual treatments, cannot come under the jurisdiction of any arm of government...respectfully, including the FTC. Thank you for your service to all Americans in the other areas the FTC regulates. I appreciate your attention to my letter today.