FTC to Host September Workshop in Washington, DC, to Examine Advertising for Over-the-Counter Homeopathic Products #00494

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Amit Patel
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FTC to Host September Workshop in Washington, DC, to Examine Advertising for Over-the-Counter Homeopathic Products
For the last 50 years , almost every member of my immediate and extended family (from the new born to the one on the death bed) have been treated by our family Homeopath. In cases of acute emergencies, or for any detailed diagnosis, or any surgery related issues, he would refer us to the corresponding specialist in the field of Allopathy. Our family Homeopath and allopathic doctors worked together to make sure that we got the best of both treatment modalities-in the field of Homeopathy as well as Allopathy! Our Homeopath gives us the name of the recommended Homeopathic remedy, that we then buy from our local pharmacy. If the remedy is not available, then he makes arrangements for us to get the remedy from special homeopathic pharmacies. I have seen him suggesting the same remedy for different illnesses. I have also experienced him suggesting different Homeopathic remedies for the same illness in different patients. I have also experienced him suggesting different remedies for the same illness in the same person - based on different symptoms. In summary, we DO NOT decide what remedy to use and buy. We do not even look at what the label says and do not follow the suggested doses on the remedy bottles. I have noticed that we always end up taking significantly less doses than what was suggested on the bottle. Over a period of time, we all learnt a great deal about the remedies that worked for our illnesses. So, in cases of emergency, or when we could not reach our Homeopath to consult him for our minor illnesses, we took the minimum doses suggested by him in the past. There were times when we selected wrong remedies , but there was no harm done because there are no side effects of Homeopathic remedies. My family is highly educated. It includes professionals from a diverse array of fields, including Allopathic Doctors, scientists, engineers, teachers, architects, MBA's, etc. We know that there is no satisfactory scientific explanation about how the Homeopathic remedies work. Why has my family been using Homeopathy for the last 50 years ? 1. We have experienced several chronic illnesses being cured permanently. For example, chronic migraine in my aunt was cured at age of 48, chronic asthma in my father was cured at the age of 45, Hysterectomy was prevented (in 4 female members of my family, including my wife who is an allopathic physician) after months of non stop bleeding (by Homeopathic treatment), eczema (in my niece at the age of 2 and another niece at the age of 18) was cured. 2. Homeopathic treatment has been safe for us , with no side effects. 3. It is less expensive (the cost of remedies is a fraction of the cost of allopathic medicines), we avoided costly hospitalization, and prevented surgeries. 4. It cured several illnesses instead of providing temporary relief. 5. Our Homeopath spends the time to listen to patients - the 1st meeting takes up to 2 hours. 6. Most importantly, we NEVER have to take remedies on a permanent basis . We strongly believe in safety, evidence, and our LONG TERM experiences. Anyone who wants to learn more about Homeopathy should have firsthand experience in receiving Homeopathic treatment from a GOOD Homeopath. Trying to convince ourselves and others about Homeopathy using various theories is like ignoring the elephant in the room !