FTC to Host September Workshop in Washington, DC, to Examine Advertising for Over-the-Counter Homeopathic Products #00450

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Debbie Catz
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FTC to Host September Workshop in Washington, DC, to Examine Advertising for Over-the-Counter Homeopathic Products
I have relied on homeopathic products for about 25 years for mine and my families health. My son had chronic ear infections as a baby, through 9 years old. After negative reactions to constant antibiotics, we switched to seeing a homeopathic practitioner and cured every ear infection with remedies. We were guided by professionals and confirmed after homeopathic treatment that infection was gone by going to his pediatrician. I depend on professional homeopathic practitioners for guidance. I also self treat by using a program I purchased called Akiva. It guides me and helps with common illnesses and conditions that do not require a professional. When I started seeing the amazing difference homeopathic treatment made in my son and myself, I became a regular consumer. NO SIDE EFFECTS, LOW COST AND SAFE. I have been a member of The National Center for Homeopathy for many years and receive their journals. I learn so much by reading the research articles. I highly recommend this journal to anyone interested in learning the value of homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic medicine treats the whole person, not the illness, and strengthens the immune system instead of suppressing it as most western medicine drugs do. The constant advertising for drugs on T.V. along with all of their negative side effects needs to be re-examined. Just like we got rid of cigarette advertising years ago, it is time to eliminate the constant barrage of dangerous drugs filed with high prices and negative side effects. When will safe medicine become more valued in the U.S. rather than profit for big Pharma??? Medicines that require a prescription should not be allowed to be advertised on T.V. It should be up to the doctor to educate his/her patient. Drug commercials are longer than any other commercials (45 sec. -1 min.) showing that the drug makers are making way too much money to be able to afford the constant barrage of their drug ads. They are not affordable unless people have insurance. It's wrong. Please consider this. The only reason there are any concerns about homeopathic medicines is because they are a threat to the Big Pharma...because they are SAFE, LOW COST AND WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS. There are study groups around the country that people can attend to learn more. I attended these while living in Arizona and there was a Homeopathic School there run by Dr. Todd Rowe. I learned so much about how the research is done. It IS SCIENTIFIC- contrary to what medical doctors and the AMA choose to believe. Any effort to suppress the availability of homeopathic medicine can only be seen as biased treatment in favor of for profit medicine- the American way.