FTC to Host September Workshop in Washington, DC, to Examine Advertising for Over-the-Counter Homeopathic Products #00376

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Kathleen Slonager
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FTC to Host September Workshop in Washington, DC, to Examine Advertising for Over-the-Counter Homeopathic Products
Greetings. I have been using homeopathy for first aid issues for over 20 years. The use of these remedies has helped me and my family through hundreds of fevers, colds, aches, accidents and general mayhem! I first came to know about homeopathy during a very difficult labor and delivery of my son. The medical midwives gave me Arnica afterwards, and even though I was in labor for 3 days and "pushed" for over 6 hours, I was up the next day feeling fairly refreshed and ready to take care of this new little life! At the time, I was in nursing school and when I told my fellow students and instructors about the labor and delivery, they were in shock that I was able to carry on as quickly as I did. And as a matter of fact, I went back in a few days to take final exams! So from that first experience, I became acutely aware of the importance of these remedies and I began to study homeopathy and use it - successfully - for our issues. What a relief it is to know I can turn to the little pills when someone has a fever and bring that fever into control without side effects. What a relief it is to use the little pills when my little one would fall down and get the biggest "eggs" (bruise) on his head - and literally in moments - see that bruise disappear. So for over 10 years, I studied and applied what I learned to the great benefit of my family and friends. I found it fairly easy to figure out which remedy was most useful. It was also a blessing to be able to run to the local store and pick up the appropriate remedy. Using homeopathy was so successful for me I decided to attend school and become a homeopath. I think after 22 years of study and use, I have come to know that homeopathic medicine is safe and effective for many self-limiting issues. And as a nurse I trust this system of medicine to do what was originally set down by the founder of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann: To help the body heal by means that are "...rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health...in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way..." I think it is imperative to have access to these tools for use by individuals and families like mine; to be able to easily obtain these remedies that provide such provide relief in a quick manner. If something is needed, it's actually education of the consumers on the proper use of homeopathy. Now that would be great regulation! Ensure that there are resources available for the consumer to make informed choices. Thank you for taking time to read my comments. I hope they have been useful and have offered insight that will support the continued OTC availability and sale of homeopathic remedies.