Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposed Collection; Comment Request; FTC File No. P144504 #9

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Gary Jahnke
New York
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Agency Information Collection Activities; Proposed Collection; Comment Request; FTC File No. P144504
I have been using E-Cigarettes for 10 years and my health has improved to where I can now walk, ride my bike, swim, run, and play with my grandchildren. When I quit smoking regular cigarettes I was in very bad condition, I could not do many things due to COPD, I had a hard time breathing and I used several medications to relieve some of the symptoms of COPD. I could not play with my grandchildren or run, ride a bike, I could not walk very far due to COPD. I was smoking almost 3 packs of cigarettes when I made the switch to E-Cigarettes, I stopped smoking cigarettes completely. I puffed E-Cigarettes only,I was satisfied and I did not feel the usual withdrawal symptoms I had felt the many times I had tried to quit cigarettes in the past. After a couple of Months I began to feel better in particular my lungs. I was breathing more easily and I began to feel stronger. After the first year of switching to E-Cigarettes I no longer needed the medications I was using for COPD, my Doctor tested my lungs and my overall health in general. I made a great recovery and my quality of life was greatly improved due to quitting smoking regular cigarettes. I continue to puff using E-Cigarettes and my breathing has continued to be great. I have no adverse effects pertaining to my health as a result of puffing on E-Cigarettes and I challenge the tobacco companies, the Government or any other group to review my health records and I will submit to any health assessment, health study and any other recognized process to review or monitor my condition as far as my physical condition is concerned. I believe the "Big Tobacco Companies" are at the center of the controversy regarding E-Cigarettes. It was not until the market share for tobacco products started to take a hit due to the many people that chose to improve their health by switching to E-Cigarettes. The Big Tobacco Companies own the Government they have the Government in their pocket. How can the Government justify that Cigarettes and other tobacco products are still on shelves and available for sale, knowing they will cause health problems for people that use them? If the Government found out that Potato Chips will cause people's hair to fall out the Government would make it against the law to sell potato chips and all of them would be removed from the shelves throughout the country. Why are Cigarettes and Tobacco Products still legal for sale in the United States? I know I am not alone I believe there are other people who question this topic. I know the risks with smoking Cigarettes and I know how E-Cigarettes have improved the quality of life for me. I know the money and power of the Big Tobacco Companies have held our Government hostage and kept our Government from doing what would be the right thing for the health of our people. What I do not know is when we the people will have a Government that works for us (the People)instead of interests that will benefit our Elected and Government Officials. How many more generations will continue to allow this situation to exist? This issue is one of so many, our Government has been guided on this path where what benefits our elected officials is more important than what benefits the people, and this is the result of "Big Business" that has "Deep Pockets" that "OWN OUR GOVERNMENT"