In the Matter of Carrot Neurotechnology, Inc., File No. 1423132 #00078

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Peggy Series
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In the Matter of Carrot Neurotechnology, Inc., File No. 1423132
My name is Dr Peggy Series. I am a researcher in the field of perceptual and statistical learning at the University of Edinburgh, UK. I have worked with Prof Aaron Seitz on a number of scientific projects. I think the handling of the case of Carrot Neurotechnology is shocking for a number of reasons. Most importantly, there is very substantial evidence from research in perceptual learning that approaches such as those used by Aaron Seitz do in fact improve vision (while having no side effect whatsoever). This is generally accepted by scientists in the field. Moreover, I can testify that the studies carried out by Dr. Seitz and his colleagues are well-designed studies that meet academic standards and have adhered to the true sprit of scientific rigor. The double-blind design is not always possible, nor is it the only way to do rigorous science and I don't think it is appropriate to ignore research that uses other designs. Finally, fining scientists as individuals sets a dangerous precedent that will serve to strongly discourage others from moving their research out of the laboratory and into the world for the public to consume and benefit from. I think this would be really harmful for our community. I urge the FTC to reverse their decision. Sincerely, Dr Peggy Series. Dept of Informatics 10 Crichton street, University of Edinburgh Edinburgh EH8 9AB. UK.