In the Matter of Carrot Neurotechnology, Inc., File No. 1423132 #00070

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Pinakin Davey
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In the Matter of Carrot Neurotechnology, Inc., File No. 1423132
Dear FTC officials Thank you for trying to make the world a better place for us; I am grateful for such vigilant organizations. Unfortunately I personally feel that this time the action is unwarranted, excessively hard and penalizing who I consider an honest, brilliant scientist. This brilliant scientist Professor Aaron Seitz who has all the right intentions to provide improved vision to an aging population. The aging population is getting no improvement in vision and are being asked to just put up with it because they are now old! The research is so solid that NIH has funded his line of work in the first attempt and I am proud to be associated with that work as a clinician and collaborator from another university. The approach of the iPad video game is scientifically based and all his work is published in peer reviewed highest impact journals. The results were indeed consistent with what other laboratories found. One of the major criticisms of scientists is that their work never gets translated to anything. The publications are there and nothing moves forward. The application development using Seitz et al findings was a logical step forward. Would you rather pop a pill vitamins , billberry, vision enhancing supplements or do a non invasive procedure. The vitamin and ocular supplement companies get away because they print a sentence that says "claims not yet evaluated". Anyone who has child knows that individuals that play video games and sports have better reflexes and attention. The application developed by Seitz and colleagues grouped many of these and packaged them an Ipad application. The software was priced very appropriately just to keep the "lights on" not excessive. This platform for at home setup is perfect. Currently numerous vision therapist charge 30-40 sessions to get the patients in office which requires excessive time and money and of course decline in quality of life with so many visits. At home therapy is the way to go! No one says that double masked study should not be done but that as the only method of evaluation of success of test/ procedure is not fair. There are a lot of steps that are needed before double or triple blind placebo controlled trials are done. They are incredibly expensive. They should not be performed before other trials and procedures tested first. The feedback obtained from the users is very valuable to make the software appropriate and improved to help functional vision. I believe Professor Aaron Seitz a hundred percent when he says that he has not profited from this. Then why is he being fined? This sets a very dangerous precedence and scientists will not be willing to move "bench side research to bedside". Let us all give the products to large companies and that have large legal corporations so we are covered. This will make the treatment options unnecessarily expensive and many good non invasive treatment options will never come out! Okay so why Professor Aaron Seitz let me give you a link look at this kind of claims this is the kind of stuff that's out there. Professor Seitz did the research, developed eye pad application and provided a platform that is not perfect yet but it is getting better. I like many other would like to strongly object to the action that is taken and am willing to work to provide additional evidence and research in this area to help individuals and improve vision. Sincerely Pinakin Davey PhD, OD, FAAO