In the Matter of Carrot Neurotechnology, Inc., File No. 1423132 #00056

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Esther Gonzalez
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In the Matter of Carrot Neurotechnology, Inc., File No. 1423132
The double blind procedure is not, by any means, the only test of scientific validity. With regard to perceptual learning and cognitive training procedures, it is practically impossible to apply it to them. It has been known for many years that learning involves two components: learning to learn (also called fast learning) and true learning, which is slower and involves the true learning of a skill. Perceptual learning and cognitive training procedures are tested against a baseline and have take into account these differences. Peer review and the opinion of experts in the field are, so far, the best methods we have for evaluating the merit of scientific claims. Prof. Seitz's publications have passed these tests. Whether his claims have may have overstated the merits of his training program, they are certainly benign in comparison to more dubious and harmful claims regarding blindness and cancer cures abundant on the Internet. The penalties imposed by the FTC are beyond fairness and threaten anyone with an interest in using the results of science for the common good.