In the Matter of Carrot Neurotechnology, Inc., File No. 1423132 #00048

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David Peterzell
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In the Matter of Carrot Neurotechnology, Inc., File No. 1423132
I am a professor psychology at John F. Kennedy University, with a 35+ year history of studying, and teaching about, human vision and cognition in research and clinical settings. I have never worked with Aaron Seitz, Adam Goldberg, or Carrot Neurotechnology, and I have no proprietary or vested interest in their product or related products. Based on my own understanding of the relevant research, I concur with the review of research and conclusion provided in the comment by Professor Dennis Levi, in the Declaration of Dennis Levi Pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1746. I concur with many other scientific and clinical colleagues in believing that it seems that Dr.Seitz has not been treated correctly or fairly. Dr Seitz is a well-respected scientist who seems to have created a therapeutic product which has demonstrable efficacy. Therefore, it seems unlikely that Seitz and others cannot meet the burden of proof for this technology. I do not understand the basis of proof by which the FTC has now sanctioned Seitz in this case. Something is wrong here. David Henry Peterzell, PhD PhD