FTC To Host Workshop on Cross-Device Tracking Nov. 16 #00043

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FTC To Host Workshop on Cross-Device Tracking Nov. 16
I'm not opposed to the tracking and assisting of consumer activities. I am opposed to the practice of charging different prices based on the tracking information collected. For instance, if I've viewed X product 3 times online, when I go to buy it at my local store I don't mind the tracking of that I previously researched it and that's why I bought it. I DO mind adjusting the price I pay based on that research. I know Amazon has famously been doing this for 7-10 years (search "engadget mac users pay more"), but even that should stop. The tracking technology being discussed in this workshop WILL be integrated into these type of "reward" programs. This technology should not be used to stop offering me rewards or "discounts" available to anyone else based on my past behavior. By "discounts" I'm referring to the price you pay at a super market for being a "rewards" member as opposed to the new insane prices. In short I don't think the FTC should focus as much about the technology that's being used to track consumers as technology companies will always add clauses to their ToS' to disclose terms. The FTC should focus efforts on ensuring the information isn't allowed to price discriminate against classes or individuals by allowing spot prices.