In the Matter of Dollar Tree, Inc. and Family Dollar Stores, Inc. #00003

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Sandra Childress
Family Dollar Dollar Tree
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In the Matter of Dollar Tree, Inc. and Family Dollar Stores, Inc.
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Good Day, One comment, when does a store which sells overruns for $1.00 and a traditional 5&10 type store, such as Family Dollar become one and the same type entity. Family Dollar does not sell everything for $1.00, they have tradional pricing. The 2 stores have completely different business plans, and marketing. Family Dollars pricing is constant with the average market, whereas Dollar Tree is a factory overrun store. Both of these Corporations invest in America and keep the American ecomony sound. Please reconsider your position regarding the 330 stores. That will take over 15,000 jobs and 46.76M a month from our revenue, American taxation system. The loss to he states will be 2.68m a month. In conclusion, there appears to be fraudulent activity within 32% of Americas corporations. Please request hard copies along with valid signatures and seals to verify the validity of these claims. If fraud is deemed positive, then all these types of actions will be reversed; per the Fair Trade Commission and Security and Exchange Commission Code and Regulations. I have been seeing many incorrect filings in the SEC. They are being reviewed. Sincerely, Sandra Childress SEC oversite board.