In the Matter of Dollar Tree, Inc. and Family Dollar Stores, Inc. #00002

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Stuart A Smetters
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In the Matter of Dollar Tree, Inc. and Family Dollar Stores, Inc.
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The local Walmarts (any and all), and Sams Clubs practice severe hate crimes and acts of discrimination against Men of American Heritage without any possibility of enforcement of our laws. In addition, they are illegally supported by our taxes and taxes supported through rental increases to pay for the tax increase plus sustained profit through rental agencies for the primary purpose of control of the local population through violations to the Sherman Anti-trust acts etc. I have used the local dollar store for most of my purchases to assure a place to shop that does not practice Hate Crimes against People of American Heritage in America (this includes the local Target stores /Shopping Mall etc. In addition: The Walmart (Sam's Club) has used the inside information acquired as distribution (insider trading)to small private businesses to overstep, aquire and close this competition while then offering services to replace these businesses. These dollar stores are all we have to combat and retain the right of Americans to compete for employment and or business without harassment against their competitors such as Walmart, Sams Club, Target, Kmart, Macy's, Sears, Circle K, Seven Eleven, White Hen Pantry, Menards, Home Depot, etc... Other than the local Dollar store in Mundelein just started practicing discrimination in Employment during the last 4 months (for which I then started using the Grayslake store, 10 miles distance and should they be closed and that is one intended to close would mean there will be no Men of American Heritage, over 35 and under 65 within the jurisdiction of the village of Mundelein therefore absolutely no fair and equal competition within the area (even the College of Lake County in Grayslake, Il has repeatedly refused to offer Spanish as a second Language to assure some degree of fair and equal competition. Yes they offer Spanish for 400 per semester, while English as a separate language for no payment for as many years the student wishes to study) Please allow some degree of honest competition to the area and cease with your fraud.. they will not harm those thieves at Walmart.