The "Sharing" Economy: Issues Facing Platforms, Participants, and Regulators A Federal Trade Commission Workshop #01992

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The "Sharing" Economy: Issues Facing Platforms, Participants, and Regulators A Federal Trade Commission Workshop
Uber Breaks Every Rule = UBER Uber is a cash machine. Worldwide they have 2 millions trips everyday and that is approximate $20 millions in a day or $600 millions revenue in a month. Uber sets its own pricing without drivers' consent nor approval. At such a low fare (in Dallas, $1 per mile plus $0.15 per minute), Uber told passengers tips is not required. Are Uber drivers in a service industry? Doesn't a good service deserve a tip? Passengers are smart and cheap. They don't feel any guilty by not tipping for the good service. They enjoy free rides (Uber's promotion) and cheap rides (50% cheaper than taxi). 20% passengers even don't feel grateful and thankful. These bad passengers disrespect drivers and treat them as no skills or low education people. Driving Uber is to provide a 5-star service (clean car, better service, reliable..... ) but expect a ridiculous reward ($1 per mile, no dead miles or waiting time to pay, 95% passengers do not tip but demand good services, all the operation cost is at driver's own expenses.....) UBER = Uber Breaks Every Rule I will not be surprised this unjust will create more social problems and escalate the tentions between drivers and passengers. Drive and ride at your own risks. Uber is just an app and shall not be blamed. All misfortunes happened simply because driver or rider making a wrong choice or decision. The best remedy Uber can do is simply DEACTIVATE the driver or rider from using their platform. Uber ON! Enjoy the trip as much as you can until some unpleasant things happen without any notice (just like Uber slash fares REPEATEDLY without drivers' consent or approval. The company is happy. Passengers are happier. Only the drivers are oppressed (low fare, no tip), suffering (at $1 per mile without paying any dead miles) and sacrificing (depreciate drivers' own car, pay their own gas, insurance, car maintenance and services.) Personally, I don't believe this unjust thing will prevail in USA for long. Five years are already too long. Uber needs to be regulated. If Uber calls drivers as their PARTNERS, how come Uber can reduce fares (from $1.50/mile, $1.20/mile to $0.90/miles) but increase their greedy commission (from 10%, 20% to 25%)? Want to be a UberX driver? Read this before making your decision. 95% passengers do not tip. 20% passengers even think they have a private driver and they own the car during the trip because they pay the hefty price and their hard earned money for the trip. 40% passengers keep drivers waiting even though they know exactly car is approaching and arrived. 10% passengers drink and eat in the car. use the seat fabric as the napkin to wipe clean their GREASY hands or even stick their gum onto the seat. Of course they won't forget leave the trash in the car. 90% passengers expect drivers load/unload their damn heavy luggage but they still do not tip. 70% passengers take short trips less than $10. 20% passengers enjoy being a back seat driver, use harsh and AUTHORITATIVE voice to give drivers the verbal commands and directions. they are the boss and in a fully control of the driver and the car. 10% passengers cannot enter the correct pick up address or place the pin in the right spot. less than 1% passengers even dare to smoke e-cigarettes without asking driver's permission. The Uber company happy in making good commission. the passengers are happier to enjoy 5-star service, cheap fare and no tips. only the drivers are oppressed to suffer and sacrifice. the smart ass will say, well, someone got to take these dirty jobs but not me. is uber too good to be true? answer the questions after you read all the stories at the following link. uber on and safe ride!