FTC To Host Workshop on Cross-Device Tracking Nov. 16 #00036

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Lorraine Pittman
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FTC To Host Workshop on Cross-Device Tracking Nov. 16
apple and any company today that you pay aprox $100.00 to for an item you want yet these companies get rich via the device tracking your whereabouts the calls you make money you spend they are getting rich of the purchase of a product then get richer using the device to obtain data to use without compensating the people they bait and hook in the beginning by their outrageous prices. these are telecommunication devices computers manufacturers and websites like facebook google these companies are filthy rich of the sales of tracking devices they call phones computers they call research devices they are using the WORLD population and getting wealthly without compensating the very people they are lying to and uising to gain wealth and not paying us for that use. the information these strangers get is a crime the devices are a scam and they are getting rich over night at humans expense. we all should be paid if another uses us to get rich period. the onlie stage is a faceless con where spineless criminals can rob the world and never be accountable for the faceless lies they freely use under the American gov;s nose and we can get not help while it goes on 24/7 you are paid to help the victims federal trade commission yet I am out money under attack by entities I never met or agreed to and it sets law enforcement back to the stone age I demand that you enforce the laws and update the laws to railroad and curb the spineless cons that rob people non stop for zillions like iphone4parts.com apple att netspend Citibank google facebook instagram bing and 89 % of all internet web sites lie and take information to get rich off of , if they use me to get rich I had better get rich with them and you too period this is hig tech slavery and we pay them thousands of dollars a DAY TO GET EXTORTED ROBBED AND CONNED AND IT ALL HAPPENS WITH YOU DOING NOTHING TO CONVICT THE CON ARTISTS OWNING THESE HUGE COMPANIES TO DATE SINCERELY l pITTMAN